What is Chai Tea?

Introduction to Chai Tea Chai has a rooted history in Asia. The name “chai” is actually a Hindi word for “tea” which was derived from “Cha”, the Chinese word for “tea”. In Hindi Chai is the meaning of a mix of spices steeped into a tea-like beverage. Chai can vary and the ingredient varies from

A Wonderful Time at the Expo

Hi everyone! We here at LeCharm are still recovering from our time at the Western Food service & Hospitality Expo. It was a spectacular experience for our staff, both new and old, and being able to get such a deep look at the food industry was invaluable experience. When the expo kicked into gear, all
Green tea is one of the most famous beverage in Asia. Different from soft drinks or liquors, the green tea can bring relaxation and peaceful feelings to tea fans. As a traditional beverage, the green tea has been proved that the nutrition in it can fix digestion problem or prevent cancer and reduce the effect
Brief History of Ginger Ginger, as a common spice, has at least twenty centuries’ history. At the beginning, ginger is thought as a luxury herbal medicine for helping women in royal palace to fight with cold and flu, and then people started to harvest the ginger for selling to the rich for living. Gradually, with