120-count Herbal Tea Extract Variety Pack


Specification:0.6g x 30 Sachets x 4 packs (0.02 OZ x 30 Sachets x 4 packs)

Dimension: 75mm(L)X120mm(W)X28mm (H)

Original Price: $86


A great selection of herbal tea extract from Lecharm, including

Lotus Leaf Herbal Tea 30-count

Caffeine Free! This amazing tea made from lotus leaf, mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum and corsvenor momordica fruit. Regulating Herbal Tea can cool you down in this summer!

  • Caffeine Free
  • Helps to Lower Blood Pressure
  • Helps to Lower Blood Sugar
  • Helps to Lower Blood Lipids

Slimming Tea 30-count

Oolong tea, lotus leaf, stevia, hemp seed extract. Increase metabolism and promote bowel movement and cleansing.Mix with 200-300ml (6.8-10 fl.oz.) of Hot/Cold/Iced Water. Shake well if mixing with Cold/Iced water. Mixing with less water if stronger taste preferred. Add Lemon/Honey/Milk/Sugar depending on personal preference. This detoxifying tea is powerful in weight loss, body detoxification and beauty improvement. Keep slimming at every sip of healthy tasty tea.

Detox Tea 30-count

Quality natural hibiscus and black tea go through multistage meticulous processing by the innovative Plant Low-temperature Extraction & Efficient Separation Integration Technology (PLEESIT). Active ingredients contained in the natural raw materials, such as a variety of amino acids, organic acids and vitamins, are extracted and crystallized to be the herbal essences crystal. The beauty tea comes to promote better skin, advance weight loss and relieve constipation. This generous nature gift comes to you to give off your luster and charm.

Ginger Herbal Tea 30-count

A quality selection of wolfberry, red dates and gingers for preferred materials, combining innovative patented extraction technology (PLEESIT) with 13 multistage processes, extracting the beneficial ingredients, follow by rebuilding the essence of natural health herbal extracts. Red dates and goji berry revitalize blood circulation,  ginger promotes sweating.  This perfect blending of red dates, goji berry, and ginger presents a valuable natural gift good for enriching and replenishing blood and promoting blood circulation.



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