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Premium Blueberry Green Tea Extract (10 Sachets)


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The overwhelmingly helpful antioxidants of green tea and blueberries come together in one of the strongest fruit teas. Blueberry Green Tea, fresh and fulfilling, provides a cheery boost that makes the body tingle with liveliness. There is such a fantastic density of healthy supplements that the entire immune system gets an ally. Nearly every ailment can be hit by the might of this delicious mixture. Additionally, with a blueberry’s ability to prevent dehydration, the body will always be fueled against trouble and toxins throughout the day. It becomes like a barrier that your body carries over the course of an entire day.

The tea sachet only contains ingredients that are going to dissolve completely in cold or hot the water. There are not any wet tea bags to throw away either. This is something that helps to keep the preparation much easier while on-the-go. With it feels tranquil, like a walk in the park, and each breath vitalizes a tired body.


2 reviews for Premium Blueberry Green Tea Extract (10 Sachets)

  1. Avid R.

    I drink tea all the time. I drink it cold and unsweetened, so flavor is important. I like the ease of the packets, tuck in a pocket, and mixes quickly

  2. jennie han

    excellent Assortment. Was delivered pretty quickly.

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