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Premium 100% Natural English Breakfast Tea (10 Sachets)


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For a thick and satisfying taste, English Breakfast is an ideal companion for any meal. This drink flows like broth from soup. It breaks down the oiliness of traditional breakfast food like bacon and sausages, while also balancing proteins like from eggs and beans. Like umber ground, it lays a new foundation to any meal you’re having. Black tea, renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects and enhance immunity, is concentrated by its layered depth here. There are few black teas that are as concentrated and robust.


1 review for Premium 100% Natural English Breakfast Tea (10 Sachets)

  1. whale

    English Breakfast has a refreshing taste, I like to drink it in the morning, it helps me wake up, but I would go for a more fruity drink if your a afternoon tea drinker, but it all depends on personal preferences.

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