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Premiun Keemun Black Loose Leaf Tea 2.12 oz/60g


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QiMenHongCha3-1Keemun Black Tea

Net Weight: 3oz/85g

Keemum black tea is one of the Chinese Ten Most Famous Tea, due to the hand plucking stepts and complex process. Keemum black tea is known by its aromatic fragrance and the mellow liquor. Also, it is regarded as top quality black tea around the world. In the British market, the Keemen is thought as delicacy, and classified as “Tea Hero”, as well as being touted for being delicious and having aroma of raining on the grass.

The tea must be picked and refined in the early spring in each year for ensuring leaves can be dried at the best time for premium quality. After drying naturally in the sun, the refined tea will go through the elaborate fermentation process until the color of the tea turn to the dark brown.

The Keemum has narrow, tightly twisted black leaves, that with full-bodied light toasty flavor. In British, this is a good everyday breakfast tea, it tastes wonderful and with or without any milk, sugar or honey, and it goes well with baked breads, and muffins.

How to brew the Keemum tea:

Like all black tea, the Keemum black tea should be brewed in clean, mineral free water. Bring fresh water to a rolling boil and pour into tea cup. Add 2.5g white peony to the water. Brew 3 to 5 minutes or to desired strength for optimal taste. Sweeten to taste with honey or sugar.









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