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Premium Blueberry Black Tea Extract (10 Sachets)


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A tint of the blueberry’s sourness flows within this robust black tea. The antioxidants and nutrients of the blueberry can improve one’s memory, and that serves to enhance the memory of the experience even further. Drink Blueberry Black Tea before a meal, and you’ll find that the food goes down easy and hits the tongue with delectable contrast. Black tea will be there to help stabilize the circulatory system’s blood sugar.

When someone wants to have something that tastes great and is convenient to drink at work, they may consider choosing a tea sachet. These only require hot or cold water. The preparation is very easy and only takes about three seconds. This is something that other healthy drinks or bagged teas do not offer. After preparing a tea that requires a tea bag, there will be a wet and messy tea bag to throw out. The tea sachet is simply opened up and dumped into the water where the ingredients will dissolve quickly and completely. These are easy to store and can fit into a purse or a drawer.


2 reviews for Premium Blueberry Black Tea Extract (10 Sachets)

  1. Elaine

    I brew it with bottle water about 9 oz. I can smell the strong blueberry but I can’t really feel blueberry flavor in the tea. I guess it is because they didn’t add artificial fragrance in…I think i’ll buy this tea but try other flavors in the future.

  2. Matt

    I got some for my girlfriend for her birthday, she is a tea lover and loves to try different kinds of tea. She seems to like it. I got her three flavors lemon, peach, and blueberry. She likes this one the most, cause she likes berrys I guess.

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