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Premium Huang Jin Gui Oolong Loose Leaf Tea 3.5 oz/100g


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Huang Jin Gui is one of four famous Anxi cultivars. The Huang Jin Gui is known by its yellow stems. The Huang JIn Gui is harvested by using old skills, which is passed by generations from hundreds years ago. After plucking tender tea leaves from tea bushes, for keeping the fresh natural taste, the tea is dried in the sun immediately, and then the tea is heated until the fragrance become apparent. Finally, the shape of the tea leaves will turn into to a twisted shape for preserving the original tastes and flavor.

As the tea infused with hot water, the twisted
shape will be expended in water, and the fragrance will be full of the whole room simultaneously. As taking the first sip, the the differences between normal oolong tea and Huang Jin Gui can be noticed. The most difference is that the normal Oolong tea has a strong bitterness flavor, but the potential bitterness of Huang Jin Gui is replaced by its smooth sweetness and the slight nutty after-testes.

Caffeine in Oolong tea and coffee is totally different. Coffee is know by its artificial added flavor and the overdoes caffeine. But the Huang Jin Gui is caffeinated naturally, and without any artificial flavors, drinking Huang Jin Gui brings you healthy lifestyle and conscious mind at the same time

How to Brew Oolong Tea

Like all Oolong tea, Huangjin Gui Oolong tea should be brewed in clean, mineral free water. Bring fresh water to a rolling boil and pour into tea cup. Add 2.5g white peony to the water. Brew 3 to 5 minutes or to desired strength for optimal taste. Sweeten to taste with honey or sugar.







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