Our Mission

 Tea deserves to be served pure, fresh, and delicious—anytime and anywhere. – LeCharm

LeCharm Supports Sustainable Development



LeCharm Tea & Herb USA, Inc. is a leading global supplier of various innovative tea and herbal extract products. Pure tea extract is the outstanding invention of our senior R&D team consisting of professionals after years’ research. The pure tea extract made by the patented technology of PLEESIT, is full of essences extracted from natural tea leaves. Its safe, convenient, instant, healthy, and eco-friendly features make it a trendy drink for the whole world. 

LeCharm pure tea extract, using nano-level extraction from tea leaf cell and integrated solution of production system by applying advanced nuclear essences extraction technologies. With raw material of well selected tea leaves from ecologic tea garden, is manufactured by our independently-invented whole set of bio-engineering extraction system, its multistage membrane separation technology, after breaking the cell wall of tea leaf under high pressure, efficiently and extracts the beneficial components of tea leaves and removes the useless elements like fiber and pectin and the harmful components such as pesticide residue and heavy metals by different molecular weights, and then has the beneficial components technically blended, making pure tea extract without pesticide residue, additive free, natural and of excellent taste. 

Our tea sourcing is corporate with plantation bases of Fujian Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea, Guangdong Chaozhou Fenghuang Dancong Tea, and Guangdong Meizhou Green Tea Plantation, and a hi-tech industrialization production base. 

With the company’s philosophy of ‘seeking for the natural origin to benefit the consumer,’ LeCharm holds on firmly to the values of honesty innovation practicality, and service. Caring for the consumer is the highest priority. LeCharm will achieve the standardization and industrialization  high quality tea with the health of the people in mind



Purest Tea Purest Water

“When 80% perfect good tea meets the 100% good water, the tea also becomes 100% perfect. ”

—— Herbal Hall. 1625 AC.

Tea, is a kind of cultural inheritance for people to keep in good health and keep fit for thousands of years. Tea character delivers in water.The best water for tea should be light, clear, sweet, live, icy and clean.

As the purest tea in the world, we would recommend to brew it with pure water.



How LeCharm is produced?


With raw material of well-selected tea leaves grown in high mountains, based on low-temperature nano extraction of biological cell technology, beneficial substances in tea such as tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharide, L-theanine and vitamins are extracted and harmful components like pesticide and heavy metal residues are removed. After multi-stage membrane filtration, tea essences are finally crystallized during the low-temperature processes.

 By breaking the cell-wall of tea leaf, the nano-level extraction technology is applied to extract the beneficial components inside tea cells, which makes the pure tea extract to be with perfect clear tea sou, mellower tea aroma and more unforgettable sweet after taste. Nutrition in pure tea extract is more scientifically blended, better balanced and more readily absorbed by human body.


Small is premium. It is on the go.

 Each sachet contains only 0.6g tea crystal that is extracted from over 20g tea leaves.  Essence is always small. 0.6g of tea crystal with full content of tea essences without even a particle of additive or waste, can go for up to 200 – 300 ml nice healthy tea drink.

Individual sachet allows you to bring it anywhere you want. It is as small as your gum.





Health Benefits


Only 10% – 20% of the tea healthy nutrients are consumed when drinking traditional tea. The pure tea extract, however, is full of nutrient essences in tea without any dregs. Its nano-level extraction process makes the nutrition essence in tea far more readily for human body absorption.

Nano-level Technology

No chemicals added

Pesticide problem in teas has always been the main obstacle of tea industry. Using scientific method to remove the pesticide residuals should be the one of the key measurements of technology level. In whole set of LeCharm self-invented “Bio-extraction System”, after tea cell wall is broken, targeted membrane separation, infiltration and hyper-filtration technologies are applied to get rid of pesticide residues (including fat-soluble and water-soluble pesticide residues) based on the test result by LC/MS and GC/MS. In this way, the whole set of self-invented Bio-extraction System can efficiently eliminate the harmful substances like fat-soluble and water-soluble pesticide residue in teas.