Return Policy & Collected Info

If you are not completely satisfied with a LeCharm purchase for any reason, please read through the following:

Returns & Exchanges Policy

ღ Returns or Exchanges

All product sales are final and are not eligible for returns, exchanges, changes or alterations. Note that items purchased from a 3rd party or reseller must be returned at those locations and are subject to the 3rd party’s return policy

Exchanges and returns are not accepted due to allergic reaction.

ღ If the Goods Are Faulty

If you think that there is a fault (damaged, expired) with an item you have received, please contact our Customer Service within 15 days of the delivery date.

Please email ✉ with a clear image of the faulty items (Include as many details as possible about the order and the problem with the goods).

ღ Lost or Stolen Packages

Once a package is confirmed as “delivered” to the address entered for the order, LeCharm is not responsible if the package is lost or stolen.

Information Collected by LeCharm

The information collected by the site from customers allows us to improve the browsing experience. Please see below for the information we collect:

  1. Customer Records: We keep a record of our customers, along with basic information directly given to us. Optional personal information and necessary billing information are collected this way, and they’re used to provide more efficient services and improve website navigation.
  2. E-mail Alerts and Summaries: We receive regular email logs with simplified sales communications. This keeps our staff members aware of when transactions occur, so that they can better prepare future promotions and product development. We also keep any query emails sent our way so that we know about customer requests and comments.
  3. Automated Operations: Many forms of automatic data are archived. This is data such as website “cookies” and the data sent to our systems from different browsers: IP addresses, page responses, amount of clicks, errors, and so on.
  4. Miscellaneous: We might receive other forms of information from alternate sources, such as data from mobile devices. Much of this information tends to be similar to the types of information listed above.

ღ Is Collected Information Shared?

Customer information is a vital part of running our business. We do not mishandle, misuse, or sell your information. We share information only as necessary, and always for one of the reasons listed below.

  1. Service Providers: At times, we need to use third-party service providers for delivering packages, handling orders, managing communication, removing information, and/or other standard operations. These service providers are given any information necessary for them to fulfill their duties, and they are not entitled to share the information they receive.
  2. Business Expansion: As our company continues to grow, any additions and expansions to the business will have access to the information needed to perform its functions.
  3. Abiding by Law: To protect ourselves and our customers, we release the information under our control as required in accordance with the law. We comply with sharing information for as long as it relates to official, legal matters for the public good.
  4. Voluntary Consent: Should any of the above reasons not apply for the sharing or release of information, then consent from the customer would be acquired in some way before proceeding. Consent might be obtained through email, phone, or any other successful and verifiable form of communication.

ღ Customer Agency

LeCharm only collects as much information as it needs to complete services and ensure a comfortable user experience. Any information more than the minimum required for purchases is kept solely with the goal of enhancing quality, and is not used for any other purposes. Customer information is always kept secure with utmost respect for user safety and privacy. How much additional information gets provided will always be in the hands of the customers to decide.

ღ Privacy Conditions

All users who visit LeCharm are expected to operate as reasonable and innocuous individuals. Any user that has concerns about privacy should immediately contact us with details about the noticed issues. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more expanded and specific explanations on the operation and use of our website.

ღ Updates and Revisions

As LeCharm develops and evolves, we will keep this document updated and revised. Constant changes should be expected, and this document should be expected to reflect those results. Records of our updates and revisions will always be kept on hand in our servers and files. Likewise, our Terms and Conditions will also develop alongside the business. Despite the constant and expected fluctuations, We here at LeCharm will always have customer comfort and satisfaction kept as substantial priorities.

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