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Ready Brew Slimming Tea Extract 20-count


Specification:0.6g x 20 Sachets (0.02 OZ x 20 Sachets)

Dimension: 75mm(L)X120mm(W)X28mm (H)


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Slim tea sachets

Slimming Tea Extract will arrive in a box of 20 sachets, each including 0.6g or 0.02 oz. of tea extract mix. This slim tea is going to help in the fight to lose weight. While many weight loss drinks taste awful, this one tastes amazing. It is a bit stronger than a black tea, but with a little extra flavor. This flavor combination is made with Oolong tea, lotus leaf, stevia and hemp seed extract. It is a very powerful weight loss tool.

The Benefit of Slimming Tea

Slim tea is going to boost the metabolism allowing someone to eat what they need to eat throughout the day while their body is burning it. Most people who are unable to lose weight have a slower metabolic rate. This means that if they eat what their diet allows them to, they are still going to gain weight unless they find a way to boost their metabolism. This is one slim tea benefit that people are happy about.

Another feature that people like is the ability of this to aid the body is detoxification. This can also aid in how to lose weight fast. While many products are going to imply fast weight loss, there is not a product on the market that is going to instantly transform the body. By drinking this, it can help to boost the energy level as well. The skin health will aid in making someone look and feel beautiful.

Slimming Tea is convenient to prepare

This organic tea can be drank hot or cold. It is easily prepared by using 200 – 300 ml or 6.8 – 10 oz. of water. When making ice tea in 3 seconds, ice water can be used. The flavor of this can be adjusted by changing the amount of water that is added. Some customers add other things, like lemon or honey as well.

How to Brew Slimming tea in 3 seconds

Mix with 200-300ml (6.8-10 fl.oz.) of Hot/Cold/Iced Water. Shake well if mixing with Cold/Iced water. Mixing with less water if stronger taste preferred. Add Lemon/Honey/Milk/Sugar depending on personal preference.



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