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Ready Brew Blueberry Black Tea Extract 20-count

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Specification:0.6g x 20 Sachets (0.02 OZ x 20 Sachets)

Dimension: 75mm(L)X120mm(W)X28mm (H)

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The Blueberry Black Tea Extract is sold in boxes of 20 sachets that include 0.6 grams or 0.02 ounce of tea mix. There are not any wet tea bags to throw away after making the tea. This can be drank hot or cold. You can have ice tea in 3 seconds or less. This mixes up with no residue left in the bottom of the cup afterwards.

The blueberry tea is naturally caffeinated. The high grade of black tea leaves along with naturally grown blueberries bring the natural tastes of both together creating a wonderful and unique taste for the avid tea drinker or someone who sips on it occasionally. There is no aftertaste left behind after drinking this fruit tea. The flavor strength is determined by how much water it is added to. For someone who prefers a stronger taste, less water can be added. Most tea drinkers will add 200 – 300ml or 6.8 – 10 fluid ounces of water. Artificial flavors are not added during the preparation of this exceptional variety.

Most people love this tea for the taste alone. Its health benefits are provided naturally also. Tea has many benefits on its own, but adding the blueberry tea benefit along with this makes it even better. There are many antioxidants found in blueberries, which can promote vision health as well as helping the immune system and promoting the health of the skin. There are many vitamins that are also found in this tea.

This Blueberry tea is convenient to make

This can be taken with someone when they go to work to drink while they take a break or to drink at their desk while they work. This can give that extra lift of energy to help make it through the day. This makes a great gift for any occasion. Some of our customers have found that adding milk, honey, lemon, sugar or other additives to it makes it even more exceptional.

The Benefit of Blueberries

Blueberries are rich in natural antioxidants and contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, to improve immunity, promote vision health and nourish skins. Black tea extracts are rich in theaflavins, which have significant anti-oxidation, anti-radiation, and other beauty features.

How to Brew Blueberry tea in 3 seconds

Mix with 200-300ml (6.8-10 fl.oz.) of Hot/Cold/Iced Water. Shake well if mixing with Cold/Iced water. Mixing with less water if stronger taste preferred. Add Lemon/Honey/Milk/Sugar depending on personal preference.

1 review for Ready Brew Blueberry Black Tea Extract 20-count

  1. ELA

    I love it!!! This is an easy to prepare, healthy hot or iced tea which is refreshing and flavorful. It is a good choice when you are tired of plain water. No calories or artificial sweetener.I will recommend it to my friend.

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