Premium Lemon Green Tea Extract(10 Sachets)


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In mixing the freshness of green tea with the acidity of the lemon, a powerful boost in energy gets passed into the drinker, giving them a bright and fruitful day. The impact of energy from a good breakfast is idealized in the lemon. Drinking a lemon tea is like being imparted with a feeling of youth. There is no taste that reminds the body of what it can do better than the sting of lemons. Like lightning in a bottle, there is a purity to a lemon’s energy that is virtually conducted through the rich antioxidants of green tea. A sour lemon is like a punch to wake a person up.

A lemon tea is a kick that lets a person sprint ahead in life. It’s a season of youth waiting to happen. The tea sachet only contains ingredients that are going to dissolve completely in cold or hot the water. There are not any wet tea bags to throw away either. This is something that helps to keep the preparation much easier while on-the-go. With it feels tranquil, like a walk in the park, and each breath vitalizes a tired body.



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