Ready Brew Peach Iced Green Tea Extract 20-count


Specification:0.6g x 20 Sachets (0.02 OZ x 20 Sachets)

Dimension: 75mm(L)X120mm(W)X28mm (H)


Original Price: $13.5

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A quality selection of natural peaches and high grade green tea leaves as preferred materials, combining innovative patented extraction technology (PLEESIT) with 13 multistage processes, are optimally removing pesticide residues and other harmful substances, yet preserving the sweetness of peaches and fragrance of green tea leaves. Exquisite taste and perfectly blended with few ice cubes, cool chilled and will be extremely delicious.

The iced peach green tea contains polyphenols, caffeine, theanine and other active ingredients with antioxidant, providing healthcare to our body, such as anti-aging, aiding weight loss, promoting beauty, and preventing cardiovascular and other health effects.

  • Rich Source of Antioxidant and Fiber
  • Cooling& Refreshing
  • Toxin Cleanser
  • Weight Control


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