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Super Energy Coriolus Versicolor Pure Extract


Specification:0.3g x 30 Sachets (0.01 OZ x 30 Sachets)


The Coriolus Versicolor Pure Extract is going to arrive in a metal container with 30 sachets. Each one of these will include .3 g or 0.1 oz of extract. This will be combined with 100 – 150 ml of warm water. Unlike other varieties that we offer, this cannot be mixed with cold water while preparing it.

What is Coriolus Versicolor

The coriolus versicolor or turkey tail mushroom is something that has been used in folk medicine for many decades. The Reishi mushroom is also used in this tea. These can have the same effects as many of the pharmaceutical drugs that people take every day. Scientists are seeing situations where this is helping to fight cancer and can boost the immune system. This is going to help to fight many different types of infections. By lessening the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, patients are going to be able to feel better about fighting their condition. There are many conditions that cause inflammation throughout the body, but the coriolus versicolor benefit is going to reduce this inflammation.

The Coriolus Versicolor Pure Extract is Convenient to Prepare

Serving Instruction: Tear off the sachet, put the crystal into the cup, add 100-150ml of warm water.

6 reviews for Super Energy Coriolus Versicolor Pure Extract

  1. henry xi

    I’ve never taken any Coriolus products before. I read some articles about how it helps for immunity and my friend recommended me about the products in this website. It helped me kick the cold and I haven’t been sick since use this products.
    The price is a little high but it does help me. Now i drink it everyday and I feel stronger.

  2. Bob Lau

    I strongly recommend this product if you need to protect your immune system

  3. AG

    I spend a lot of time reading up on the benefits of this supplement and have been giving it a try for the last week. I’m not sure exactly what it is but I definitely feel a bit “better” than I normally do.

  4. Simone Lok

    By far this is the best Coriolus Versicolor extract on the market.I have been taking this product for about 5 months and it strengthen my immune system.

  5. jackson

    If you need to flight with cancer and protect your immune system then I strongly recommend this product.

  6. Gomez

    This is really some good stuff. It gives me energy and I feel it right away

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