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There are a million ways for a person’s weight to change. Losing pounds requires smart and healthy choices, and Slimming Tea is all about cramming lots of good choices in one place.
For the best weight loss results, a natural blend of herbs extract with great metabolism boosters was selected to make into this Slimming Tea Crystal Extract. Each of its primary ingredients play a major role in improving the digestive and circulatory systems. By working together, this tea brings about an incredible stability of body, making it not only the best for diet or weight loss, but also the best detox tea and digestive cleanser available. The taste is as fresh as its effects, and it had a subtle sweetness granted by stevia that makes the world feel quiet and calm.

The foundation of Slimming Tea is oolong, which allows the body to burn fat more efficiently by increasing fat oxidation—the process that breaks down large fat molecules into smaller ones, which the body can then use and reduce. Lotus leaf acts as a fat blocker that decreases the absorption of carbs and fats while also increasing metabolism. Cassia seed then reduces body fat synthesis while acting as a minor laxative. Honeysuckle cleans the digestive system and reduces inflammation in the body. Jiaogulan is a special medicinal herb that removes toxins and improves cellular health. The stevia extract is not only a natural sweetener but also helps lower blood sugar so you don’t need to worry about having too much sugar especially those who like to reduce sugar from their diet.

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20 sachets ($0.75 ea), 30 sachets ($0.70 ea), 40 sachets ($0.65ea), 80 sachets ($0.58 ea)

5 reviews for Slimming Tea Extract (20-80 sachets value pack)

  1. This slim tea really works I’ve already lost weight! Will be ordering more

  2. I found this tea online and after reading the description I decided to give it a try. It’s a great idea to me, drink tea and lose some fat. Now this slimming tea motivates me to choose food more carefully. I am also eating less junk food, only once a week. Overall I’m very satisfied with this natural weight loose tea!

  3. This is an amazing slim tea which helped me lose weight in a week. Would definitely recommend it !!!

  4. By drinking this slim tea and exercising in the evening,I have already lost 2 pounds. Also have WAY less cravings!!

  5. It helped me to control my weight when I wanted a little more then just plain water, and I d’d not gain any weight! I recommend this tea.

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