Rose Black Tea Extract (20-80 Sachets value pack)


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The strong, familiar fragrance of the rose is able to harmonize with the savory black tea. Combined, the result is a healthy and tasteful beverage with a woodiness to it. Regular ingestion of this unique form of black tea will improve one’s health in a way that can be noticed in appearance. Rose’s smoothing and clearing effects on the skin are better delivered inside black tea. A rose’s beauty is not limited to itself. Taking it in will purge imperfections and concentrate deeply on the blood circulation that happens right below the skin.

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Dimensions 2.95 x 4.92 x 1.1 in

20 sachets ($0.75 ea), 30 sachets ($0.70 ea), 40 sachets ($0.65 ea), 80 sachets ($0.58 ea)

6 reviews for Rose Black Tea Extract (20-80 Sachets value pack)

  1. The floral flavor and smell of roses enhances this black tea. I drink this to replace coffee at work. This is an excellent tea for everyday drinking, I become relaxed and better focused on work details after having a cup. This tea seems to go well with a large variety of meals.

  2. tasty tea! I love it!!!! Easy to prepare, hot or iced tea which is refreshing and flavorful

  3. This rose black tea taste good and without all the calories! No bitterness, and smooth to the taste.

  4. I first tasted this rose black tea and fell in love with it. This is a wonderful flower tea.

  5. Great flavor! I can taste the rose, but it is not overpowering like with some blends.

  6. Are there coupons or are there promotions ? I love this tea! But it’s a little expensive. I taste premium so I can’t complain but I’d like to have one per day.

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